E-Library Dipanegara is a library that stores data, be it books (writing), pictures, sounds, in the form of electronic files and distributes them using electronic protocols via computer networks. Having a large collection of articles and reports available for reading online or downloading, the e-Library Dipanegara leads to integrative learning initiatives. E-Library Dipanegara is the perfect source for sending full text and important multimedia references and is easy to use in research.

  • E-library is a service that can assist in integrated learning initiatives.
  • E-library is the perfect resource for sending full text and important multimedia references, easy to use in research, as well as in doing assignments given by teachers.
  • Students find the answers they need from more than 2000 magazines, newspapers, books and full-text transcripts: including thousands of maps, pictures, educational websites of the homework centre and audio/video files.
  • Lecturers and librarians work together to build a strong link to the selected content. Create reading lists with topic pages, lessons and interest and interest pages for the college community.
  • Reducing the occurrence of repetition of activities (plagiarism).
  • Information dissemination and access will be faster without time and space limits because it is not physically bound.
  • Is broader than the main catalogue of the world (universal main catalogue) and able to collaborate in information networking (information networking).

Link: http://elibrary.dipanegara.ac.id/